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Join the most coveted knock-out competition in social footballing history. The details are simple- 32 Teams One Goal. 5 Weeks. 5 Matches. 1 Champion that will walk away with SGD$1001. (1st Rd. 2nd Rd. Q-Final. Semi-Final. Final) .

The X-Cup is a seasonal knock-out tournament with pairings for the first round drawn at random. There are no seeds with the entrants eventually being whittled down to two and the tournament culminating in a Cup Final.

Each tie is played as a single leg. If a match is drawn, the winner will be determined by a penalty shootout without extra-time. This gives clubs from the lower divisions a fifty percent chance of progressing to the next round if they’re able to stand their ground against the top clubs.


The X-Cup was conceptualized to act as a platform for "minnows" from the lower divisions to become "giant-killers" by eliminating top clubs from the tournament and even theoretically winning the Cup!


The draw for the competition will not be seeded and will be broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook and the X-League website.


All participating X-League teams* and those that have registered for the upcoming X-League season/s are automatically eligible.

*Saturday & Sunday Premier League, Sunday Prime League & Midweek Night League


At the end of the final, the winning team is presented with a trophy, known as the "X-Cup", which they will hold until the following competition’s final. The winning team will also have its name engraved on the trophy. Teams that have won the competition on three separate occasions will be allowed to keep the coveted trophy similar to how it works with the World Cup.


The Final of the X-Cup will be played at a venue that will match the grandeur of the competition with the victor attaining the highest honours in the Singapore social football scene.

Officiated by qualified and registered FAS referees**, teams can look forward to a more professional in game experience. The first round of the competition will be officiated by one qualified FAS official with the remaining rounds boating assistant referees for every match.

The X-Cup will generally last up to seven weeks (bearing in mind weather restrictions). X-Cup matches will be played at the following time slots on Sundays depending on pitch availability:

  • 0900-1100
  • 1100-1300
  • 1300-1500
  • 1500-1700
  • 1700-1900

* All FAS registered referees undergo monthly physical fitness and training programmes that ensure that they are physically fit and up to date with FIFA's Laws of the Game.


  • All matches played on Turf pitches/ Premier Grass Pitches
  • 1 FAS Official for 1st Round
  • 3 FAS Officials (1 Referee & 2 Assistant Referees) from 2nd Round to Final
Match Days Sunday
Match Slots 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700
Total number of teams 32*
Total number of games Up to 5 depending on progression in tournament
Prizes to be Won
Champion 1st Runner-up
  • SGD $1001
  • X-Cup Champion Trophy**

    (To be returned before next scheduled tournament final)

  • 20 x X-League customized Gold medals
  • 20 x X-League customized Silver medals
Cost $150 per match
Registration Fee NIL

* At the discretion of the X-League (Decrease in number of teams only). Prizes will remian the same
**Teams that have won the competition 3 times will be allowed to keep the coveted trophy.


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